Crystal Taylor

Crystal Taylor

Cell: 214-661-0632
Maxim Salon: 903-328-6832

My name is Crystal Taylor and I’m just a simple small town girl! Hair has always been a passion of mine since I grew out of my tomboy stage. .. which to be honest was in my early twenties! It seemed to take me some time to realize “when you look good. .you feel good about yourself!” Small changes on the outside make for big changes on the inside!

To see someone smile and be excited about what I have created gives me the drive to be the very best “me” I can be…not only in the salon but in all areas of my life. There’s a wide range of services I offer. Everything from hair colors to men’s cuts… There’s not one aspect of being a hairstylist that I don’t love!

I use an array of products but my favorite is Alfaparf color and styling products because I can depend on it to do exactly what it says it will do. Equally important, is building a very close relationship with my clients. it’s important to me that they know I will make them look amazing each time they visit me.

My motto has always been” I don’t want you to just like it… I want you to LOVE it!” Given the opportunity I want to make you smile too!